Carnica / Carniolan queens

from the breeding community Gerhard Thurau / Jan Krauter

Gerhard Thurau has been breeding the Carnica-Singer line constantly at our location in Mecklenburg, Germany since 1964.

It is a regional line adapted to the harsh climate in the north. A bee that hibernates well with a pronounced cleaning instinct, brood break and rapid spring development. It flies even in cold weather.

Their appearance is grey with a very light brownish coloration. The rings are dark.

Breeding mother 2021: DE-8-209-742-2019

  • Virgin queen
    € 14,00
  • F1 queen, open mated
    € 28,00
    Location Klaber
  • F0 purebred queen, station mated
    € 42,00
    From the LIMV registration point Meileneiche


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