Carnica-Region-Mile Oak

since 2022

The Carnica Region Mile oak is a cooperation of the mileage oak breeding centre with neighbouring beekeepers within and outside the legal protection radius. It is a “bonus protection radius” on a voluntary basis. It´s “win-win situation” for all beekeepers.
Professional beekeepers, part-time beekeepers and hobby beekeepers with from three to several hundred bee colonies are involved. The high-quality licensed drone colonies of the breeding site “radiate” on the neighboring beekeepers. Diverse Carnica genetics of the beekeepers involved “radiates” on the mating units of the mating site. The aim is an efficient, robust and regional Carnica population according to the breeding goals of the DIB. The genetics of the queens to be mated have a broad Carnica genetics of drones at their disposal, with which a strong heterosis effect is to be expected and breeding inbreeding can be prevented.

The participating beekeepers breed and cultivate Carnica colonies of diverse origins, check for performance and carry out trait tests. Beekeepers have the opportunity to offer their colleagues bee colonies, offshoots and queens with official health certificates from the Carnica region mile oak for sale.